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IT Outsourcing Services

Why Outsource The benefits of outsourcing are of course are variable, dependening upon the nature and situation of the organization. However a survey performed by PWC clearly explains the Top 5 reasons behind outsourcing-

  • Lower costs (important or very important for 76% of respondents).
  • Gain access to talent (70%).
  • Farm out activities that others can do better (63%).
  • Increase business model flexibility (56%).

What to Outsource Here is the PWC model that best explains what to outsource

Benefits of Outsourcing

  • Ample time to focus on your core competencies
  • Increased productivity and Efficiency
  • Skilled Expertise with greater flexibility
  • Reduced Time to market
  • Lower Operational expenses over the years
  • Faster time to market

Our IT Outsourcing approach Below is a high level description of our IT Outsourcing approach

Discover Phase This phase is utilized to understand the current Technology landscape and its associated complexity and readiness.

  • Understanding the key objectives behind outsourcing and translating them into reasonable milestones
  • Initial assessment of the Technology landscape
  • Preparing the Outsourcing plan
  • Defining Risks and mitigations

Contract finalization

    • A thorough Due-Diligence
    • Defining RACI and the Delivery organization
    • Service level agreements
    • Agreement on Payment terms
    • Contract signoff


    • Setting up the monitoring and reporting structure
    • Setting up the infrastructure
    • Setting up the communication channel
    • Transition of services ( Phased/ Big bang approach)

Sustained Phase

    • Stabilize services, SLA commences
    • Improving productivity
    • Improving efficiency