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Web Development Services

From plain, simple and static websites to Web 2.0 based feature rich websites- we do it all. We have diversified customers range from Enterprises, SMEs to start up- we serve all. Here are our Web development service offerings-

    • Web design
    • Web development
    • Web maintenance
    • e-Commerce solutions
    • Web hosting
    • Web marketing

Website design is an art of understanding customer requirements and realizing them in the form of beautiful and breath taking WebPages. Website design is not a mere online representation of your business but an identity that goes beyond horizons and recognized across globe. Our creative genera at Matrix Infologics help you build that image which will eventually help you establish your business online and expand your reach to the greater masses.

Our ground-breaking web design services help organizations building innovative and business oriented websites. Below are the offerings from our Design studio-

    • Web layout design
    • CMS Theme integration
    • Web 2.0 & Advanced Page layouts
    • Corporate identity and Logo design
    • Microsites, Landing & Squeeze pages
    • Sales/ News letter design
    • email Template design
    • Banner Ads
    • eCatalogue and eBook design
    • Custom graphics design and Multimedia (Flash, Flex)
    • Vector Art

From CMS to Core PHP and framework based websites, we have done it all. Here are our Web development service offerings-

    • Custom Web Development
    • Web application development
    • Custom CMS development
    • RIA development
    • API & Web services

Once your website is designed and developed, the next step in line is to get the hosting done so that your end customers can start accessing it. There are a number of different ways in which that website hosting can be done. Which type of hosting will work best for your website depends on its size, complexity, purpose, budget and technical expertise at your disposal.
To help you figure out the best hosting match, we’ll take you through some of the most popular website hosting options.

Shared Website Hosting Shared hosting allows hosting of multiple websites on the same web server. Typically, all domains may share a common pool of server resources, such as RAM and the CPU. The web host also maintains the server and provides technical support for it. For those who are not technically inclined or who do not have access to their own technical support staff, having a web hosting to manage your website is the way to go.

This kind of Web hosting is Cost effective and hassle free as the hosting company has the experience and resources to provide exceptional reliability and technical support for your site. Usually the specialized resources of a shared hosting company are well positioned to keep your site running and alive almost all the time. This kind of hosting may not be good for companies who want to take control of their own private servers. Additionally, if your site is large and extremely active, you may need more server resources than shared hosting provides.

Dedicated Website Hosting Dedicated hosting provides you with servers devoted entirely to your Website. You may purchase your own server or pay for access to a server owned by someone else. If you own your own server and have it stored in someone else’s Data center, you are using what is known as Co-location hosting. In any type of dedicated hosting, because the server is exclusively dedicated to your site, you will have full control over its use and administration. This allows you to manage all aspects of your site. If your intent is to create a large site for a company and you possess plenty of technical and financial support, dedicated hosting is the way to go.

Setting up and maintaining your own web server requires a great deal of technical expertise as well as a significant financial investment. How well you maintain your web server will determine whether your site is reliably online and available to visitors and hence you need to be certain that your server is stable, reliable, well maintained and able to handle heavy traffic all the time. Maintaining a high up-time needs a lot of attention and dedication which is always not that easy.

Virtual Private Server Website Hosting This type of hosting is something of a cross between dedicated hosting and shared hosting. Virtual private server hosting involves a dedicated server being shared by multiple users. Users share the resources of the server, but the server space is strictly divided into allocated percentages so that each user’s percentage of the server is dedicated only to that user’s website. This hosting arrangement gives a user some of the control of a dedicated server without the large-scale investment in a server that may have more space than necessary.

Virtual private server hosting does provide limited resources, however, and even if your site experiences a temporary traffic spike or another unusual demand, there will not be extra resources flexibly available to meet the need. The somewhat complicated arrangements of virtual private server hosting can also be a drawback to this hosting option, as service providers can create confusing service agreements that include unexpected limitations for their users.

When you’re ready to create your hosting account, we can help you selecting the right hosting package (from a range of free to advanced business hosting packages) and facilitate the whole process so that you get what fits the bill precisely.


Web marketing is primarily dependent on 4 strategies-
Search engine marketing, Email marketing, Social marketing and Display marketing.
We can help you decide the right strategy and execute the same for you which will in turn enhance your visibility in the online space.

Our web marketing services include-

    • SEO/ SEM/ SMM/ SMO
    • Link building & directory listing
    • Pay per click (PPC)
    • Click through rate
    • Spiders/ Crawlers/Robots
    • Meta Tag installations
    • Affiliate marketing
    • ESP
    • Bulk SMS and emailing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) SEM is the process of improving the visibility of your website in search engine results through both paid and unpaid methods-SEO, PPC, Link building and Directory listing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) SEO is the process of creating elements within your website that can enhance the visibility of your website for a particular keyword search.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) SMM is all about reaching your end customers through social media websites and engaging in a dialogue with them like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Email marketing Email marketing is the process of taking relationships of your customers and encouraging customer royalty and repeat business

Email service provider (ESP) ESP allows you to send emails to your database in a professional manner and provide tools to analyze your results and also manage your database

Display marketing Display Marketing is the process of reaching out to your end customers through online advertising.


If you are short on time or have trouble maintaining your website we can help you de-stress with our Webmaster support services. This will involve management of anything and everything pertaining to your website like Upgrade, Migration, content management, Hosting to name a few.

Website Upgrade: If you have an existing website and want it to upgrade to a newer version, we can help you do the transition and successful deployment of your website.

Website Migration: If you want to move your website from one technology to the other, out Website migration services will help you perform a smooth migration using a phased/big-bang approach depending on the complexity and criticality of the business and website architecture.

Website Hosting & Domain Management: If you are tired of issues related to your website hosting and domain management, we can help you by taking control over the issues and resolving them with the associated third parties.

Our services plans are primarily divided in to 3 categories-

One Time
Based on current architecture and complexity of the website. (Available on request.)
Monthly (Basic maintenance)
$199/ month, 5 Hrs/month
Response time-1 day
Monthly (Pro maintenance)
$299/ month, 10 Hrs/month
Response time-1 day
Monthly (Dedicated maintenance)
$1799/ month, 10 Hrs/month
Response time-1 day